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After a long harsh Wisconsin winter many germs, dust mites, and bacteria congregate in your carpet.  Come spring is the best time to open your home again and deep clean your carpet.  First thing to consider is choosing a pleasant day, the last thing you need is other family members or pets tracking mud and foot prints through your carpet.  Next would be to choose the method you want to use to clean your carpet. You can choose from dry foam, dry compounds, bonnet, steam, and shampoo cleaning.  Regardless of the method of cleaning remember to:

  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before and make sure to bring up as much dirt as possible.  This will make any cleaning go faster and result in better results.

  • No matter which method you use, test the fluid or shampoo in small area first.

  • Try and move your furniture before hand to make cleaning easier.

  • When using a wet carpet cleaning method, try not to use too much cleaner. Your carpets should not take longer than twenty four hours to dry.

  • Use a wand or furniture tool, if the machine is equipped with one, to clean the edges of the carpet near the walls.   This will give you an even deeper clean.

  • Never use a cleaning product in your machine that isn’t specified as safe for the machine.   Do not use more product in the machine then is directed.

  • Try and pre treat any dark stains or problem areas about an hour ahead of time.

  • Try not to walk on your carpets until they are completely dry.


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